2004's card is different from other years' cards.

On December 1 2004, my mother passed away, at the age of 90. She died at home, and my wife was with her. My family and I wanted this year's card to take that milestone into account. Also in this year, my family acquired a small lakefront cottage, located in nearby Acworth, New Hampshire. We have been busy working on it all Spring, Summer, into the Fall, and even now, with Winter closing in around us.

One of the first Christmas Cards created by my father and mother was actually made just before they were married, in 1949. At the time, my mother was living in a small apartment in Worcester, Massachusetts. She wanted a Christmas tree, and threatened to "hang it from the ceiling" if she could not get a tree inside, in any other manner. Her boyfriend (soon to be her husband, and eventually my father) won her heart by acquiring a small tree, suspending it from the ceiling, and taking a picture of it for their first Christmas Card together.

And so, to combine the Acworth Lake House, and the passing of Marie Anna Woolner (May 19 1914 - December 1 2004), the photograph shows a balsam branch attached to the newly-built roof-peak of the cottage in Acworth - not suspended from the roof - but rising up from it. We decorated the balsam with a hand-made snowflake ornament that had hung from the lamp over my mother's bed. (Look closely, it blends in.) And to see a larger picture, click on the image above.

Happy Holidays to you all 2004!


Bob Woolner and family
Hillsboro, New Hampshire