Tuesday, November 22nd, 1966: The
RAC Rally was in full cry through
the Scottish stages of Craigvinean,
Inshriach and Loch Achray, with the
works Fords and Minis battling it
out through the forests. Castrol, the
lubrication specialist for both the
top teams, was already assured of
victory: in the 33 stages up to Monday night, the Mini Coopers had been fastest oil 20, and
the Lotus Cortinas had claimed 11. But the sensation of the rally was the Grand Prix driver
Jim Clark, having a guest drive in one of the Cortinas with Brian Melia as co-driver.
        The ever-versatile Clark had, of course, raced Lotus Cortinas with distinction, but
had not rallied since club events of his youth in Scotland. Yet he was fastest overall on three
stages, including one of the night stages in the Welsh mountains, and was second on seven
        But his luck ran out on Loch Achray in a huge, opposite-lock slide, the Lotus
Cortina sideswiped an outcrop of rock. The incident cost Clark a delay of 45 minutes, but
worse was yet to come. Five stages later, the car became airborne over some humps at
Glengap and flipped twice into the trees. Jim Clark's RAC Rally was at an end.
        It wasn't over for Ford, however. Burly Bengt Söderström and co-driver Gunnar
Palm, consistent throughout, went oil to score a mighty triumph in their Lotus Cortina,
adding it to their win in the other tough event of 1966, the Acropolis Rally.
        These victories, and many more by Ford in the seasons that followed, were won
using Castrol B185, a pure synthetic, light-viscosity engine oil based on advanced aviation
        This original painting is the second in the collectors' series commissioned from
Michael Turner by Castrol. It shows Jim Clark looking at the damage to his car after the
Loch Achray incident, with Brian Melia on the other side. Behind, Söderström's winning car
receives attention.
        In future issues of Autocar & Motor, Castrol will be bringing you more Michael
Turner paintings of great motor sporting events - events in which the continuing
development of Castrol oils have helped drivers and teams achieve top performance.
Castrol advanced synthetic lubricants with the ability to
meet the most exacting demands, now and in the future.

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