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front cover page 1, title page page 2, foreword page 3, table of contents
page 4, Dash Layout page 5, Introducing your car page 6, Introducing your car page 7, Introducing your car
page 8, Introducing your car page 9, Introducing your car page 10, Running In page 11, Routine Servicing
page 12, Service Schedule page 13, Service Schedule page 14, Service Schedule page 15, Service Schedule
page 16, Service Schedule page 17, Servicing page 18, Routine Servicing page 19, Routine Servicing
page 20, Carburettors Carburettors page 22, Front Wheel Bearings page 23, Front Brakes
page 24, Brakes, Suspension Handbrake, Battery page 26, Tyres, Air Cleaner page 27, Air Cleaner, Front Suspension
page 28, Specifications page 29, Specifications page 30, Specifications page 31, Specifications
page 32, Specifications page 33, Specifications page 34, Wiring Diagram (earlier models) page 35, Wiring Diagram (later models)
page 36, Index back cover

Original manuals are only available on the used market. Very nice reproductions are available through the Lotus Cortina Registry.

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