"Anyhow, as you may have read on the Cortina-list, Steve B. was looking for a volunteer to inspect the ex-works racecar 7070 KO for a potential customer from the United Kingdom. So I arranged to get a viewing for him on a recent Wednesday afternoon. A group of us lunch-regulars at Tiny's Restaurant (in Ayers, Massachusetts), piled into my friend's Subaru WRX and headed of to Manchester-by-the-Sea, where the Lotus Cortina was stored in a heated carriage house. We spent about 4 hours total driving to and from, looking at history and documentation, and at the Lotus Cortina itself. It looked flawless sitting there on polished wood flooring. My first impressions of the car was, "my God is that Locort ever low!"

My friend Bill G. took almost 100 photos and has posted them on his webpage, (Editor's note: "And are available for view here.") If you would like to put some of these on Lotus-cortina.com I think that the folks on the list would like to see them too. I am not sure Bill wants a bunch of traffic on his page so you could selectively copy what you like and put them up. If you want I could do more of a write up of the visit.

I have now heard that Don has received a deposit on the car and it will be going back to the U.K. for the gentleman that asked Steve B. about the inspection. I was glad to see a bit more of Lotus History and get to paw all over it.

Thanks, Gary