"This is the first race after the car was stolen and rebuilt. CSRG ThunderHill, CA. As usual Royce Miller was all over my butt, that young man has no respect for his elders. The car was very different after the rebuild I went from 190++HP PHP motor Max RPM 9500 to a 175 HP Max RPM 7500 with better power and torque curves for my driving style. The car was a couple of seconds faster at every track. It is also a lot easier for me to drive. Don't get me wrong here, Barry Sale from PHP builds a fantastic motor that will wind up to 10,000RPM and still hold together (the engine that was in the car before it was stolen and stripped). I just had a problem driving in the narrower power & torque ranges."

"We have now been accepted at Wine Country 2010 in June of 2010. So the race plans for this year, are Wine Country 6/3-6, Portland 7/8-11, Monterey 8/12-15 and Coronado 9/23-26."

Roger Andriesse

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