Photo of an Alan Mann Lotus Cortina (taken by Gary Brizendine and given by him to me) at the Pan American Enduro, in Green Valley, Texas on September 11, 1966. My records don't indicate who the driver was, but I believe most likely it was Sir John Whitmore. The results sheet show a car co-driven by Sir John Whitmore and Charlie Barns, but do not list a number for the car. It seems likely that this Green Valley photo depicts the car that was driven by Sir John Whitmore, because the results sheet from the 4-Hour race at Riverside, California on September 18 1966, (1 week later) does list the #23 Lotus Cortina as Sir John's. And note that Dave Dooley's and Allan Moffat's cars were at Riverside that day, too. And also interesting, at Riverside that day was John Bolander sharing his car with Bob Winkelmann, who later bought the ex-Charlie Barns Lotus Cortina car from me as a roller, and still owns it today!"