"Jim Taylor of Oklahoma City built this black Falcon Sprint from the ground up, and raced it all over the southwest, while keeping it street legal. In July 1966, Jim and his wife Kathy drove the Falcon Sprint all the way down to Mexico, thence to compete in the Mexican 24 Hour International Rallye. Shown here leading Dave Dooley's Lotus Cortina in the June 1966 "Sunburn" SCCA National Races at Green Valley. This Falcon finished 7th in class, 17th overall, in the Sept 1966 Trans-Am "Pan American Enduro" at Green Valley. This historic Trans-Am Falcon fell into disrepair, sat in a field for years, was eventually sold for $10 cash. Now, years later, see the fully restored car at http://www.trans-amseries.com/Drivers/MichaelEisenbergFalcon.htm "