"First lap at Warbonnet National, and that's how it finished. I placed first in B Sedan, second overall. The overall winner, as I recall, was Dick Durant in his D Sports Racing "Dubury SAAB". Back then, it was customary for the class winners to get to take a victory lap with the checkered flag. When my turn came, I stopped on course right about where the photo shows, and my photographer/pit crewman Bill Martin jumped the fence, hopped in, and hung on for the victory lap of his life. I was strapped in and still full of adrenaline; poor Bill had no passenger seat, of course, and was black and blue for days, but grinning. We were not quite so safety conscious back then. Bill is retired now and living in Hemet, California. I visited him last year, and that victory lap ride around Warbonnet was the first thing he mentioned. Bill never raced, but he and I were avid autocrossers before I went racing. He drove a white VW with a Porsche engine, and did quite well."