All the seats, both front and rear, were in very good condition. A few small areas needed to be repaired with matching materials, but the seats would not be recovered.

Although the carpets exhibited significant fading, they were in otherwise good condition. The original carpets would be re-dyed, not replaced with new. Note the floor mat segments built in to the original factory front carpets.

Note the dash plaque on the glove box door- from the SCCA's 1966 American Road Race of Champions (ARRC) runoffs at Riverside, CA. Charlie competed driving his B Sedan Lotus Cortina race car. Horst Kwech's Alfa Romeo just barely edged out Allan Moffat's Lotus Cortina for the B Sedan Championship that year.

The parcel tray still held a half-full box of "Kleenex" tissue which dated back to 1973. Unfortunately, the offer coupon on the back of the box had expired in 1974!