This shows that the windscreen squirt line from the bottle to the dash-mounted manual pump was clear tubing, whereas the line from the dash pump to the tee-fitting was green-tinted. Also, the discolorations on the heater plenum look like places where tape had peeled the paint off, but it turned out to be tape residue which cleaned off OK, leaving undamaged paint beneath.

Also, in the upper right section of the photo, note the caps of the brake master cylinder and clutch master cylinder were lightly rusted to a reddish brown color. Initially, new caps were purchased, but it was noted that the replacement caps from the Mk1 Owners Club were Girling caps, whereas the original caps had lettering which read "USE FOMOCO BRAKE FLUID". It was decided to clean up the original FOMOCO caps and just install new rubber seal rings taken from the Girling caps. See photo below, after the cleanup of the clutch master cylinder and original cap.