CLD 814H

Pics above sent to me by the then-owner, maybe 1993.

Now circa 1989 or '90 I drives down to England to see a mk1 RS 1600 Escort. Nice, I'd let the guy know later. On the way home ,I buys a motor mag at a petrol station. There is the cortina CLD, for sale in Edinburgh, 10 miles from my own house. I stopped and looked- deal done. New Lotus for Josie boy, me. Factory black through-out, nice. Time elapses, no job, CLD must pay the mortgage. 2 WISE GUYS from the west of town arrive in a not-bad-but-not-great Lotus mk2 (white and green). They buys the black CLD from me.

Time passes, a couple of years say, and the 2 pics pop in with the mail. I write back, told him he had made a good job of covering the original factory black paint. To this he was shocked, he said there was no sign of black, none what so ever. I replies with the story as above. the guys still in shock, I would assume. I'd imagine the black shell now has the white one's identity. Nasty, bad boys from the West.

Joe Johnston

Bo,ness, Scotland

More to come.

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