Waterford Hills Vintage Race in Michigan (With Cortinas!)


Friday July 24 through Sunday July 26 2015

There will be many many Cortinas And even more Cortina owners, drivers and fans in attendance at Waterford Hills Race Track, 4770 Waterford Road, in Clarkston, Michigan during next summer's Vintage Race Weekend of July 24-26 2015. Vintage Fords from all eras, including Cortinas and Lotus Cortinas will be shown, viewed, discussed, worked on and raced throughout the weekend. The page for this past year's event has prices and registration information, which should be similar to next year's 2015 event. It looks like Joel Hershoren ( joel@waterfordhills.com ) is the Vintage Coordinator for the track- contact him for more specific information. Lots to see and do, and people to meet and re-meet... so start making your travel plans now.

Of particular interest to Lotus Cortina fans... Alan Moffat, currently living in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, will be in attendance, serving as "Grand Master" for the weekend. Plans for a banquet/dinner and discussion on Friday evening are underway... but STILL need a coordinator to put it all together. Any volunteers? Yes, probably someone from the Detroit-metro-southern Michigan area would be ideal, but anyone with spare time and an Internet connection could do it. Also, we have plans for a Saturday night after-dinner trackside pub-stool-style appearance by Alan Moffat, and whoever else would like to gather around for that.

We are hopeful that Bob Winkelmann will make the trip from Northern California... And possibly Ron Goldsack will cross the border from Canada, to share their time and memories with us. Peter Pentz has promised to bring 3 cars, hopefully including his restoration project Lotus Cortina. Ron Andriesse plans to attend with his rebuilt Lotus Cortina. Ross Bremer? John McCoy? Don Gwynne? With maybe Charlie Barnes??) Mike Clifford? Don Heth? Maybe to compare crash damage repairs?

There are plenty of hotels in the area, and they will probably fill up. I found 2 inns very close to the track (The Olde Mill Inn, and the Carriage House Bed & Breakfast), and many more in nearby Clarkston Village and the surrounding area. In addition, camping areas can be found- I located several RV campgrounds in the area. There must be tent-camping facilities, but the closest I found (so far) was in Holly Springs, which is quite a ways north on route 75. More on this later.

If you want to fly in, Detroit Metropolitan Airport is southwest of Detroit, and due south of Waterford Hills, which is northwest of Detroit. With a rental car from the airport, it looks like a 45 minutes drive north on 275, and on to route 5N.

Maybe some of us could coordinate fly-in times on Thursday or Friday, and share a rental car.

Norm Murdock (Team Blitz) "Offical (can I say that?) Cortina Coordinator" has created a Facebook page called "Moffat in America", which can be viewed by anyone- just click that link. Also, linked from THAT page is another Facebook page about the Vintage Race Weekend at Waterford Hills. Thank you Norm!